Welcome to my Site

Please read this first!

This site is a reupload of my original Geocities fansite for Summit, ported to Neocities for archival purpouses, and because I still love the game

Summit was a 1983 arcade game that had an extreamly limited release into arcades in the UK, it is now considered lost media, I created the original site as a place to store all the information I could on its creation.

What we know

  • Summit was the creation of a company called Intercom , it was thier only game, and its creation bankrupted the company.
  • Summit's lead was a man named S.Cavendish, as it listed in the games title screen
  • Summit was a first person, vector based arcade game
  • Summit had some sort of early text to speach, the demo of the game would tell you to play it, a feature that would attract many of its users during its short time in arcades (me included)
  • How could it be that no information exists regarding this game, save for the memories of those who played it, Geocity users, I implore you to tell me anything you can about this game